What I want from a Congressman (person)

Okay, so it’s been a while.  Term Limits for Congress is moving slowly- though I still support it via the internet, I have not had the time I’d have liked to truly petition in person.  I am now currently in working in a position where I could be fired if I were to possibly petition in person- and the wrong person discovered.

Nevertheless, as the presidential election is already buzzing around, despite it still being more than a year away, it made me think about what I’d really like to see form members of Congress.  I’m not talking about a particular agenda- I’m talking about character traits and abilities.

1) Real honesty: saying that while you wish you could do xyz, or you believe in xyz, but admitting where you’ll have to make compromises, admitting to what really gets your priority.  I want them to be brutally honest.

2) Listening to constitutes more than money, corporations, and their beliefs.  This especially goes to the Senate who represent the whole state.  Just because you belong to a particular party doesn’t mean their aren’t people in your state with different opinions.  It is your job to represent every one of your constitutes – not just the majority.   It is their job to protect the minority from the majority might- not the other way around.

3) Cooperation: to work together within congress and across party lines to work towards real solutions to societies problems.  This means stopping the fighting, the blaming, and the name calling.  This means to grow up and stop acting like little bratty children.  This means to act maturely and work towards solutions.  If students in my classroom behaved the way Congress members behave- they’d be missing “Fun Friday” for sure- and losing privileges.  Congress needs to grow up or lose some of its privileges- of which they have many.

4) Empathy:  I want to see true caring from my Congress.  I don’t want meaningless words.  I want to see the deep love and care for the people of the country (even those who don’t agree with them) oozing from their souls.  Yes, I can see this.  You can see it in the eyes and in the actions.  Again, this isn’t about empty words and promises, this is about real meaningful actions that truly demonstrate that they care deeply for the people.

Ultimately, I don’t think we’ll ever see these character traits in Congress- at least not while Congress gets to run the way it does.  Not as long as there is big money in government and not as long as they can make it a life long profession…not until we have term limits for members, and not until the people really start to care about who they vote for- and vote with their hearts regardless of party affiliation.

Thanks- giving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I am so thankful for my ability to give.  I am also thankful to live in a country where we the people do have the power to make changes- if we just use it.  So if you want to give something to our future as a country and to the future of the United States of America’s people– then sign the petition to use article 5 to call a constitutional convention to put into place 12 year term limits on the US Congress.

Don’t wait- take action now, and spread the word.

Let’s say more than thanks today, and do something we can be thankful for in the future.



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Update-Term Limits for Congress

Signatures are still being collected.  This is going to be a long process.  If you have not yet signed the petition, or joined the facebook or website pages– it’s time to check it out.

We need to work together to impose a limit on the power of Congress, just as a 8 year limit was imposed on the president. We need to break the bonds between lobbyists and Congress, and the easiest way is term limits.  Once people have power for too long, it changes them and they forget who they are supposed to be serving.



There are also state and county pages.  We need your help.  Take a few minutes to share the message and sign the petition.

Term Limits22

The Piranha–> Congress

Term Limits 20

We can get so caught up in our ideological battles, people often forget that the people “on top” benefit from the people on the bottom fighting against each other, so the people are unaware of the big picture/ of what is really happening.  It’s time to remember Term Limits for Congress is for everyone.  This isn’t a political party movement- it’s an “US” movement– for the people to gain some control back over their government.

Check out Term Limits for US Congress– get involved, sign the petition, spread the word, etc…







The Slog

    Well, we’ve been at this for a little over 2 months. It’s a slow slog… like trudging through mud. In North Carolina we managed to gain a few new county leads, but many counties are still without leads. As a lead, I feel a bit isolated at the moment. It’s hard to be out there alone, without a team of petitioners. (If you know anyone in Orange County, NC- send them in my direction) And, as time moves on, my schedule gets busier come mid. August… but, I’m not giving up.
    I’ve managed to get my chiropractor on board- she is young like myself and energetic. She told me she’s been spreading the word to her other patients, ever since I mentioned it to her. She now has a sheet to gather signatures. I’ll be picking it up the next time I go for an appointment. She said that just about everyone she mentions it to, agrees. So, if all these people agree why aren’t they helping out? Because, they know… it’s hardest at the beginning- until we get enough momentum to have the ball roll- practically on it’s own. But, the sooner more people jump in, the sooner that ball will start to pick up speed and it won’t feel like trudging through mud, but rather skiing downhill.

    So join us, if you agree Congress should have term limits. Spread the word. Share the posts. Find your county lead in whatever state you reside… volunteer to be a county lead if your county doesn’t have one. I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it isn’t frustrating… but if people agree, then they should really join the movement and help it pick up speed.

Come on every- push now, one two three, push together now.



State pages: (There are more, one for just about every state)



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Of what are you afraid?

Here is a quote from the Massachusetts state lead.

“My name is Megan Carey. I am the State Lead for Massachusetts.
I am a mother, a wife and a teacher. I believe in term limits because the men and women of congress have forgotten what it is like to live in the real world. ”


Term Limits 16


It’s time to put your fear aside and try to do something.  We the people have the power- we just need to take it.  We the people don’t need to ask for the power, we already have it and just need to realize it.   Our system was designed with all these checks and balances in order to protect the people from people who amass too much power.  Let’s use our power and numbers to remind those in Congress who really has the power and what it’s all about… “The People,”  us!


Take action:



Find your state page, or county page, sign the petition, become a petitioner …

Term Limits- still growing

It’s been a little while, things have been a bit busy lately.  But, rest assured Term Limits for US Congress is still growing and progressing.  More state leaders have been added- including Michigan and Maine.  The map below shows which states have leaders and which states still need a great person to stand-up and claim the position.

Term Limits 14


Counties all across the states are still looking for leaders as well.  In North Carolina we are slowly gaining county leaders– but the coast is especially lacking. (I’m representing Orange County, NC)

Term Limits 15


Finally, petitioners are always welcome everywhere.  If you are tired of the dysfunction in Congress- this is your chance to take some action.  The movement isn’t going anywhere.  Petitioning began on Memorial Day (May 26th) and we aren’t stopping until we get enough signatures in at least 34 states to call the constitutional convention.  Our real aim is to get enough signatures in 38 states, the number of states required to ratify an amendment to the constitution.

Please head to the website, facebook page, or your state’s facebook page and join the movement.  No one here is getting paid.  We are all using our own dollars and time to promote the movement and petition for term limits for US Congress.







!!!! Petitioning began today !!!

I stood out front of a local food lion for a little while this morning attempting to collect signatures.  I only managed to get a small number to start- but a start is a start.  A few people took pamphlets- so hopefully they’ll go online and contact me to sign, once they’ve had a chance to read a little bit.

I only ran into one guy who wanted to debate- but refused to sign.  He began to argue that he believed 12 years was not long enough, and that it would contribute to high turn over.

Hmm, really?!  Twelve years isn’t long enough to hold such a powerful position?  High turn over– is that inherently a problem?

1) The longer you are in office the more tempted you will be to allow yourself to be bought in order to stay in power.

2) We are shaped by our environment- the longer you are exposed to an environment where you are courted and bowed down to by people, companies, industries, and even other countries the harder it is to relate to the people you are supposed to be serving.

This particular man felt they should have at least 20 years, claiming they should at least get a generation.  These days with the rapid changes in technology and industry– it’s hard to believe a generation is still 20 years- feels more like 10.  Things change so fast– 20 years is really quite a long time.  What were you doing 20 years ago?  What will you be doing in 20 years?  Will you have changed?  Will the world have changed?

… 12 years was decided for a variety of reasons– as a compromise between recognizing some experience is good but wanting to prevent career politications, as to what states might support, and what number fits in nicely with the current term lengths (2 and 6).

At the moment of debate of course I faltered- but his arguments weren’t strong, I just wasn’t fully prepared for them.  I will know better next-time.  But ultimately, petitioning is not the time for debating, that can occur at other times, and online.

What are your thoughts?  Share below.

Also you can check out the web site and facebook page if you’d like to get involved.




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President vs Congress

Has anyone else noticed how people love “a” scapegoat.  I see it everywhere.  Lately, I’ve seen a lot of things like this popping up in my social media.


Memes seem to be making it so easy for people to spew hatred.  Since memes weren’t as big when Bush (2001-2009) was in office, I found it a little harder to find a good example–


Yet, here we are bashing on and picking on the leaders of our country – (who the people did vote for) – forgetting, it seems that they don’t actually work alone. Congress could have put their strength and might against going into war after war, which continues to drain our finances.  Congress could also put their foot down today— but it appears that Congress isn’t actually functioning anymore.  Congress could work together to figure out a budget that actually means not raising the debt ceiling, for example.

Healthy debate that leads to compromises which are good for the people seems to be a thing of the past for most members of Congress.   Yet, the general public seems to let Congress members get by with very little attention and scathing- allowing all their hatred and dissatisfaction rain down on a single person.   Isn’t it time to remember our government isn’t made up of one person– but many people.

The following is only a “correlation” not a causation, I am aware– but it is still interesting.  As you can see in 1982, 58 member of the Senate had overlapping ideological views and as the years progressed fewer and fewer members had overlapping ideological views.  This is what I see as a major contributing factor to the growing dysfunction in our government.  It’s not about a particular political party- it’s about leaders inability to use reason and compromise in order to make a more functional government.



By 1951 the 22nd Amendment was passed and instituting term limits on the presidency.

Today, members of Congress may remain in Congress as long as they continue to get elected.   Is it time for that to change?

Please leave your thoughts below– I am about reasoned conversation and open discussion.  We need to be talking about important issues, like the functionality of our government.

Check it out: