What is this?

Term Limits for Congress began as a small movement, which is still growing, to use Article 5 as the method in which to impose term limits on Congress.  Currently, the president has a 2 term limit, which totals eight years.  This wasn’t always the case, but was decided and altered accordingly. (Passed Congress 1947, ratified 1951).  It is now time to remove the career from congress- and return it to a state of service for the people.

The proposed amendment would institute a 12 year limit on members of Congress.  This would mean they could serve 2 terms in the Senate, or up to 6 terms in the House, or any combination there of.

We will begin petitioning on May 26th- Memorial Day! In all 50 States.

If you are interested in learning more- please check out the facebook page, or website.  (Note: the website often directs one to the facebook page)





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