Blowin’ in the Wind

It’s been clear for a while now, that the United States is in need of a real change– From the Occupy Movement to the growing Tea Party and Libertarian Party– people across the country are frustrated.  Election after election though– and nothing seems to actually be getting better.  Why?

One of the big reasons that is discussed is the money in politics.  We hear about corporations and lobbyists controlling our government- buying our (the people’s) representatives.  So– what can we do about when we clearly don’t have the funds to “buy” them back.

Well, one thing we can do is use article 5 to induce the state leaders to call a convention and ratify our constitution to impose term limits on the U.S. Congress.  How does this take power away from lobbyists?   —  “It takes years for lobbyists to earn the trust of Congressional members.”  By limiting the time they can serve- it makes it much more difficult for them to find the worth in being “bought” and it makes it much less worthwhile of an investment for the corporations and lobbyists.

So– Now is the time.  Check us out on facebook-

Join up with your state or local area to help out.  If we can all come together on this nonpartisan issue- we might have a real chance to make a huge difference in how our overall government runs.

Term Limits 3


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