Liking versus Action

So, as May 26 approaches– the number of people “liking” the idea of Term Limits for U.S. Congress is growing… but the number of people agreeing to actually participate is barely increasing at a crawl.

This message went out from the NC leads-

“A message from Kelly Rae and James.
Hello North Carolina.
So we are sitting here looking at the Term Limits for US Congress North Carolina Facebook page and wondering how is it that we have over 800 likes but only 6 people who have volunteered to be County leads when we have 100 counties to fill, not including all of the petitioners that we need going forward.
Have we just not reached the right people? Are people just too busy? Are people afraid to take on one more thing. Are people just afraid? Do people not know how important they truly are?
Please let me be clear when we started here in NC we had no Idea what to do! We knew what the Goal was and is, Term Limits for US Congress but we did not have a clear path to run on. So we took a leap of faith and dove in. Why because we believe Congress should have Term Limits and it seems you do as well.
What is it North Carolina that is preventing you from diving in? Now let me be crystal clear…. The American People Will Impose Term Limits on US Congress and we need all of you to get behind this and step up into a County Lead position or as a petitioner. We need you. We will be here to support and guide. We promise. This is a TEAM effort. A lot of people doing a little bit…. So what do you say North Carolina…
As always…. Thank you for the support you have shown here on Facebook. Please Share this message with all of your friends and family and feel free to comment!!!”

People need to realize that if everyone who agrees with the idea, or even 20% of the people decide to actively participate in accomplishing the goal– we can make a real impact.  When I was in undergraduate school in Massachusetts (small state college, not in Boston) there was a small issue on campus … a lot of people were grumbling… so finally we did a little something.  We gathered together with signs and made our opinion public.  It only took a few people to openly object before a meeting was called and an agreement was struck.  We held our signs, us 20-30 people, saying “Sympathy is no substitute for action”— over 10 years later, and I still have that sign.  Why?  Because it is as true then and now- Sympathy is no substitute for action.  We need action- support is good- but action will make all the difference.



Term LimitsNC

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