What about voting?

So far— there are 2 arguments that seem to come up against instituting term limits for congress.

1) It takes time to learn the job.

2) That’s what voting is for.


So let me address these….

First, Term Limits is advocating for a 12 year limit.  Are you trying to say that it takes more than 12 years before a Congressional member learns how to do their job?  If that is the case, we have a whole other problem.  At most, teachers hit their best potential between 3 and 5 years… but after 12 you start to burn out a bit… generally.  I know some of you will say– teaching is nothing like being a Senator.  But, seriously, our Congress members don’t just wake up and go from flipping burgers to filling the seats of Congress.  They have years of background in business or politics.  It makes no sense to say that it should take them more than a few years to master their job duties.


Second,  if voting worked- things wouldn’t be working as they are, which is that they aren’t working. People are on extreme ends these days- unwilling to come to the middle, unwilling to work together.

Currently most people who bother to vote, vote on name recognition and media exposure (which is related to money).  If people are only voting on name recognition, then the longer a politician is in office, it goes to assume that their name will be more recognizable, which has nothing to do with the kind of  job they did.

If the people are voting based on media exposure, then those politicians being funded by the wealthy, corporations, and lobbyists are getting the vote, but they aren’t actually working for the voters.  It takes years for those relationships to form.  Therefore, the goal is that by limiting their time in office, we are breaking and weakening that relationship.

This is not to say everyone is voting based on media exposure and name recognition, but that the majority of people who even bother to vote, are voting that way.


Hopefully this helps explain some of these concerns.  Please check out Term Limits for U.S. Congress.



If you are in NC and want to get involved– leave me a comment.  If you are in another state and want to get involved- go to the facebook page and from there you can find your state page.

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