Thoughts on Term Limits for U.S. Congress

As the day of petitioning edges closer, I am very curious to your thoughts about Term Limits for U.S. Congress.  I have met some people who are completely on board, but then I come across one or two who are adamantly against it and a few more who just aren’t sure.

Admittedly no idea is perfect– but I am very interested in reading about how others think about the issue.  Please take a moment to comment and share your opinions, thoughts, or questions.  It’s important that we are open to having quality dialogue about issues affecting our country.

As I’ve said before this is not about a particular political party– but about whether it is a good idea to institute a 12 year limit on members of Congress.

Finally– to help activate a discussion about the issue, please take a moment to share a link to this blog or re-blog a post, or tell your friends about what is going on.  Even if they don’t agree, it’s important to raise awareness of what is going on.

We can’t be afraid to have political conversations– if they don’t happen it’s like saying you don’t care about how your life is influenced by a strong and very large government– and you are willingly giving up all your rights and freedoms.  Conversation is one of our most powerful tools.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Term Limits for U.S. Congress

  1. I am 100% in favor of term limits on both houses of Congress. My suggestion is to limit all members to a maximum of two terms. I believe that lengthy terms in office are a major factor contributing to the accelerating drift of our government from the intent of the founders. I also believe that members of Congress not be exempted from any legislation they enact. They should be subject to the same social security system, health care system, and everything else they put upon the rest of the citizenry. If that were so, I believe we would see much more responsible governance.

    • Well I’m glad to read you agree. If you are in the United States- you should get involved. Petitioning as just begun and we need everyone to help who can- spread the word, help petition, or even be a state or county lead. There are still a few states missing state leads, and many counties without leads. I’ve got links in the blogs to the website and facebook pages- let me know if you get involved. We need all the support we can get. (We aren’t doing 2 terms for a variety of reasons- it was decided to go for 12 years- which is 2 terms in the Senate- but more if you just stay in the House.)
      Thanks again for your support.

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