Civic action- Activism

“But the dynamics of citizen direct action were already having an effect” ( Smith, 2012, p. 27)– in reference to the civil rights movement.

“So intense was the public interest in the environment and so fierce the political pressure from grassroots America that Nixon, who was far from a tree-hugging environmentalist, felt compelled to declare his fealty to environmental protection…” (Smith, 2012, pg. 31).


“In those early years of environmental enthusiasm, quite a lot was achieved.  The results were visible.  … The public thought the job was done.  Voter interest subsided, and as it subsided, so did government action” (Smith, 2012, p. 32).

Why did I share these quotes from a book I’m currently reading (Smith, Hedrick (2012).  Who stole the American dream. New York, NY: Random House Trade Paperbacks)?    Because I want people to remember that in the past, when people worked together through grassroots movements, which began small, but grew, things did change.  Change doesn’t happen from hoping, or wishing, it happens because people get together, take action, and make their opinions obvious to the elected officials.

Whether it’s Term Limits for U.S. Congress or some other issue you feel passionate about — for change to happen you have to make yourself heard. (Feel free to leave a comment on an issue you feel passionate about and are ready to take real action for.)  You have to make yourself REAL to those who are making the big decisions.  We are many.  They are a few.  If we actually exercise  our strength in numbers– things can be altered.    That’s not naive optimism- history has proven otherwise.

Let’s make our voices heard again- let’s re-engage.

Term Limits11

North Carolina State Lead: James Davies

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