!!!! Petitioning began today !!!

I stood out front of a local food lion for a little while this morning attempting to collect signatures.  I only managed to get a small number to start- but a start is a start.  A few people took pamphlets- so hopefully they’ll go online and contact me to sign, once they’ve had a chance to read a little bit.

I only ran into one guy who wanted to debate- but refused to sign.  He began to argue that he believed 12 years was not long enough, and that it would contribute to high turn over.

Hmm, really?!  Twelve years isn’t long enough to hold such a powerful position?  High turn over– is that inherently a problem?

1) The longer you are in office the more tempted you will be to allow yourself to be bought in order to stay in power.

2) We are shaped by our environment- the longer you are exposed to an environment where you are courted and bowed down to by people, companies, industries, and even other countries the harder it is to relate to the people you are supposed to be serving.

This particular man felt they should have at least 20 years, claiming they should at least get a generation.  These days with the rapid changes in technology and industry– it’s hard to believe a generation is still 20 years- feels more like 10.  Things change so fast– 20 years is really quite a long time.  What were you doing 20 years ago?  What will you be doing in 20 years?  Will you have changed?  Will the world have changed?

… 12 years was decided for a variety of reasons– as a compromise between recognizing some experience is good but wanting to prevent career politications, as to what states might support, and what number fits in nicely with the current term lengths (2 and 6).

At the moment of debate of course I faltered- but his arguments weren’t strong, I just wasn’t fully prepared for them.  I will know better next-time.  But ultimately, petitioning is not the time for debating, that can occur at other times, and online.

What are your thoughts?  Share below.

Also you can check out the web site and facebook page if you’d like to get involved.


Term Limits 13


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