Of what are you afraid?

Here is a quote from the Massachusetts state lead.

“My name is Megan Carey. I am the State Lead for Massachusetts.
I am a mother, a wife and a teacher. I believe in term limits because the men and women of congress have forgotten what it is like to live in the real world. ”


Term Limits 16


It’s time to put your fear aside and try to do something.  We the people have the power- we just need to take it.  We the people don’t need to ask for the power, we already have it and just need to realize it.   Our system was designed with all these checks and balances in order to protect the people from people who amass too much power.  Let’s use our power and numbers to remind those in Congress who really has the power and what it’s all about… “The People,”  us!


Take action:



Find your state page, or county page, sign the petition, become a petitioner …

Term Limits- still growing

It’s been a little while, things have been a bit busy lately.  But, rest assured Term Limits for US Congress is still growing and progressing.  More state leaders have been added- including Michigan and Maine.  The map below shows which states have leaders and which states still need a great person to stand-up and claim the position.

Term Limits 14


Counties all across the states are still looking for leaders as well.  In North Carolina we are slowly gaining county leaders– but the coast is especially lacking. (I’m representing Orange County, NC)

Term Limits 15


Finally, petitioners are always welcome everywhere.  If you are tired of the dysfunction in Congress- this is your chance to take some action.  The movement isn’t going anywhere.  Petitioning began on Memorial Day (May 26th) and we aren’t stopping until we get enough signatures in at least 34 states to call the constitutional convention.  Our real aim is to get enough signatures in 38 states, the number of states required to ratify an amendment to the constitution.

Please head to the website, facebook page, or your state’s facebook page and join the movement.  No one here is getting paid.  We are all using our own dollars and time to promote the movement and petition for term limits for US Congress.