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The numbers used in this chart originated from the Social Security listing of Cost of Living Increases and the Congressional Budget Office’s study of “Trends in the Distribution of Household Incomes”

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Seventy five percent of people in the US think term limits for the US congress is a good idea– so let’s get to it people.







The Piranha–> Congress

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We can get so caught up in our ideological battles, people often forget that the people “on top” benefit from the people on the bottom fighting against each other, so the people are unaware of the big picture/ of what is really happening.  It’s time to remember Term Limits for Congress is for everyone.  This isn’t a political party movement- it’s an “US” movement– for the people to gain some control back over their government.

Check out Term Limits for US Congress– get involved, sign the petition, spread the word, etc…







The Slog

    Well, we’ve been at this for a little over 2 months. It’s a slow slog… like trudging through mud. In North Carolina we managed to gain a few new county leads, but many counties are still without leads. As a lead, I feel a bit isolated at the moment. It’s hard to be out there alone, without a team of petitioners. (If you know anyone in Orange County, NC- send them in my direction) And, as time moves on, my schedule gets busier come mid. August… but, I’m not giving up.
    I’ve managed to get my chiropractor on board- she is young like myself and energetic. She told me she’s been spreading the word to her other patients, ever since I mentioned it to her. She now has a sheet to gather signatures. I’ll be picking it up the next time I go for an appointment. She said that just about everyone she mentions it to, agrees. So, if all these people agree why aren’t they helping out? Because, they know… it’s hardest at the beginning- until we get enough momentum to have the ball roll- practically on it’s own. But, the sooner more people jump in, the sooner that ball will start to pick up speed and it won’t feel like trudging through mud, but rather skiing downhill.

    So join us, if you agree Congress should have term limits. Spread the word. Share the posts. Find your county lead in whatever state you reside… volunteer to be a county lead if your county doesn’t have one. I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it isn’t frustrating… but if people agree, then they should really join the movement and help it pick up speed.

Come on every- push now, one two three, push together now.



State pages: (There are more, one for just about every state)



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