Thanks- giving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I am so thankful for my ability to give.  I am also thankful to live in a country where we the people do have the power to make changes- if we just use it.  So if you want to give something to our future as a country and to the future of the United States of America’s people– then sign the petition to use article 5 to call a constitutional convention to put into place 12 year term limits on the US Congress.

Don’t wait- take action now, and spread the word.

Let’s say more than thanks today, and do something we can be thankful for in the future.

Term Limits24

Update-Term Limits for Congress

Signatures are still being collected.  This is going to be a long process.  If you have not yet signed the petition, or joined the facebook or website pages– it’s time to check it out.

We need to work together to impose a limit on the power of Congress, just as a 8 year limit was imposed on the president. We need to break the bonds between lobbyists and Congress, and the easiest way is term limits.  Once people have power for too long, it changes them and they forget who they are supposed to be serving.

There are also state and county pages.  We need your help.  Take a few minutes to share the message and sign the petition.

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