What I want from a Congressman (person)

Okay, so it’s been a while.  Term Limits for Congress is moving slowly- though I still support it via the internet, I have not had the time I’d have liked to truly petition in person.  I am now currently in working in a position where I could be fired if I were to possibly petition in person- and the wrong person discovered.

Nevertheless, as the presidential election is already buzzing around, despite it still being more than a year away, it made me think about what I’d really like to see form members of Congress.  I’m not talking about a particular agenda- I’m talking about character traits and abilities.

1) Real honesty: saying that while you wish you could do xyz, or you believe in xyz, but admitting where you’ll have to make compromises, admitting to what really gets your priority.  I want them to be brutally honest.

2) Listening to constitutes more than money, corporations, and their beliefs.  This especially goes to the Senate who represent the whole state.  Just because you belong to a particular party doesn’t mean their aren’t people in your state with different opinions.  It is your job to represent every one of your constitutes – not just the majority.   It is their job to protect the minority from the majority might- not the other way around.

3) Cooperation: to work together within congress and across party lines to work towards real solutions to societies problems.  This means stopping the fighting, the blaming, and the name calling.  This means to grow up and stop acting like little bratty children.  This means to act maturely and work towards solutions.  If students in my classroom behaved the way Congress members behave- they’d be missing “Fun Friday” for sure- and losing privileges.  Congress needs to grow up or lose some of its privileges- of which they have many.

4) Empathy:  I want to see true caring from my Congress.  I don’t want meaningless words.  I want to see the deep love and care for the people of the country (even those who don’t agree with them) oozing from their souls.  Yes, I can see this.  You can see it in the eyes and in the actions.  Again, this isn’t about empty words and promises, this is about real meaningful actions that truly demonstrate that they care deeply for the people.

Ultimately, I don’t think we’ll ever see these character traits in Congress- at least not while Congress gets to run the way it does.  Not as long as there is big money in government and not as long as they can make it a life long profession…not until we have term limits for members, and not until the people really start to care about who they vote for- and vote with their hearts regardless of party affiliation.

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