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The numbers used in this chart originated from the Social Security listing of Cost of Living Increases and the Congressional Budget Office’s study of “Trends in the Distribution of Household Incomes”

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Seventy five percent of people in the US think term limits for the US congress is a good idea– so let’s get to it people.






The Slog

    Well, we’ve been at this for a little over 2 months. It’s a slow slog… like trudging through mud. In North Carolina we managed to gain a few new county leads, but many counties are still without leads. As a lead, I feel a bit isolated at the moment. It’s hard to be out there alone, without a team of petitioners. (If you know anyone in Orange County, NC- send them in my direction) And, as time moves on, my schedule gets busier come mid. August… but, I’m not giving up.
    I’ve managed to get my chiropractor on board- she is young like myself and energetic. She told me she’s been spreading the word to her other patients, ever since I mentioned it to her. She now has a sheet to gather signatures. I’ll be picking it up the next time I go for an appointment. She said that just about everyone she mentions it to, agrees. So, if all these people agree why aren’t they helping out? Because, they know… it’s hardest at the beginning- until we get enough momentum to have the ball roll- practically on it’s own. But, the sooner more people jump in, the sooner that ball will start to pick up speed and it won’t feel like trudging through mud, but rather skiing downhill.

    So join us, if you agree Congress should have term limits. Spread the word. Share the posts. Find your county lead in whatever state you reside… volunteer to be a county lead if your county doesn’t have one. I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it isn’t frustrating… but if people agree, then they should really join the movement and help it pick up speed.

Come on every- push now, one two three, push together now.



State pages: (There are more, one for just about every state)



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President vs Congress

Has anyone else noticed how people love “a” scapegoat.  I see it everywhere.  Lately, I’ve seen a lot of things like this popping up in my social media.


Memes seem to be making it so easy for people to spew hatred.  Since memes weren’t as big when Bush (2001-2009) was in office, I found it a little harder to find a good example–


Yet, here we are bashing on and picking on the leaders of our country – (who the people did vote for) – forgetting, it seems that they don’t actually work alone. Congress could have put their strength and might against going into war after war, which continues to drain our finances.  Congress could also put their foot down today— but it appears that Congress isn’t actually functioning anymore.  Congress could work together to figure out a budget that actually means not raising the debt ceiling, for example.

Healthy debate that leads to compromises which are good for the people seems to be a thing of the past for most members of Congress.   Yet, the general public seems to let Congress members get by with very little attention and scathing- allowing all their hatred and dissatisfaction rain down on a single person.   Isn’t it time to remember our government isn’t made up of one person– but many people.

The following is only a “correlation” not a causation, I am aware– but it is still interesting.  As you can see in 1982, 58 member of the Senate had overlapping ideological views and as the years progressed fewer and fewer members had overlapping ideological views.  This is what I see as a major contributing factor to the growing dysfunction in our government.  It’s not about a particular political party- it’s about leaders inability to use reason and compromise in order to make a more functional government.



By 1951 the 22nd Amendment was passed and instituting term limits on the presidency.

Today, members of Congress may remain in Congress as long as they continue to get elected.   Is it time for that to change?

Please leave your thoughts below– I am about reasoned conversation and open discussion.  We need to be talking about important issues, like the functionality of our government.

Check it out:



Civic action- Activism

“But the dynamics of citizen direct action were already having an effect” ( Smith, 2012, p. 27)– in reference to the civil rights movement.

“So intense was the public interest in the environment and so fierce the political pressure from grassroots America that Nixon, who was far from a tree-hugging environmentalist, felt compelled to declare his fealty to environmental protection…” (Smith, 2012, pg. 31).


“In those early years of environmental enthusiasm, quite a lot was achieved.  The results were visible.  … The public thought the job was done.  Voter interest subsided, and as it subsided, so did government action” (Smith, 2012, p. 32).

Why did I share these quotes from a book I’m currently reading (Smith, Hedrick (2012).  Who stole the American dream. New York, NY: Random House Trade Paperbacks)?    Because I want people to remember that in the past, when people worked together through grassroots movements, which began small, but grew, things did change.  Change doesn’t happen from hoping, or wishing, it happens because people get together, take action, and make their opinions obvious to the elected officials.

Whether it’s Term Limits for U.S. Congress or some other issue you feel passionate about — for change to happen you have to make yourself heard. (Feel free to leave a comment on an issue you feel passionate about and are ready to take real action for.)  You have to make yourself REAL to those who are making the big decisions.  We are many.  They are a few.  If we actually exercise  our strength in numbers– things can be altered.    That’s not naive optimism- history has proven otherwise.

Let’s make our voices heard again- let’s re-engage.

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North Carolina State Lead: James Davies




Orange County North Carolina

Finally got a facebook page just to organize Orange County, North Carolina.  If you are not in that area- please check out the main pages so you can find your state and/or county leads.

Main Pages:


Orange County, NC:




Thoughts? Questions?

If you support the idea of Term Limits for U.S. Congress or don’t– I’d love to see some comments with your reasons.  If you have any questions about what we are trying to accomplish and why– please feel more than free to ask.  

There are a few weeks left before we’ll be hitting the ground gathering signatures– so now is a great time to ask away.

 There are always doubts when it comes to trying to make a big change like this… so no thought or question is too silly or unworthy of sharing.



For those of you who have started following this blog- thank you.

For those of you who have stumbled across it- I truly hope you will take the time to go to the main pages for “Term Limits for U.S. Congress”



This is for real.  We all need to work together to make this happen.  Find out who is organizing in your area- so at least you’ll know who to contact when it comes time to sign the petition.  If we the people work together– we can take back our government from the greedy and corrupt.

Please share this information about this grassroots movement to all your friends, family, and co-workers.  We need to spread the word.

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Another Day

Another day,  another chance to get informed, and get on board.

Are you tired of way the federal government has been running?  Are you frustrated with the politicians?  Do you feel like your voice doesn’t matter–maybe because CONGRESS is essentially being bought and paid for by CORPORATIONS and a few lobbyist groups?

This is the time to finally stand-up to government and remind them who they should be working for.

Term Limits For Congress– is an opportunity to break the cycle.  It’s a chance to promote larger turn over in the House and Senate and therefore make it more difficult for the corporations to buy them, or for the lobbyist groups to bribe them.



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